This Minneapolis Vocational Alumni site was created to reach out to all Minneapolis Vocational Alumni and classmates regardless of class year. It was created and is sponsored by the Class of 1964.

All Vocational Alumni and Classmates should feel free to register their contact information in our databases and to use the "Discuss" and "Events" forums. Discuss issues, ask questions and search for friends and alumni through the discussion forum and the online databases. Use the events forum to post upcoming alumni events. Use the "Update" tab to update your information or to supply another classmate's contact information. Your participation will automatically help other Vocational Alumni find friends.

While some information on this web site is focused on the Class of 1964, the same type of information can be added to this site for your own Class Year if you have it available to share with other alumni. If you are tracking classmates with a computer database, spreadsheet or word file, you can easily import your class contacts into our all alumni database.  If your class already has a website, let us know and we will post a link to it under our Alumni tab.

Enjoy an all Minneapolis Vocational Alumni focus and help spread the word to other alumni and classmates. 

Use the "Contact" form to let us know how we can assist your class or incorporate your class information here. 

Ed Palmer, Webmaster

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