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Description: This is an Alumni Contact Database for ALL Minneapolis Vocational Alumni, teachers, family and friends. Use this form to ADD information into the database.  Click the image above to enter a contact's data or go to the "Alumni tab" and select the ADD Alumni Data. Our Vocational High database is "private" and not public except for the list views accessible only when actually using this web site. When you add your Alumni information, others will be able to locate and contact you using this web site. You can also ADD another Alumni's information.  If you do this, please add a comment that you supplied the information on the form.

Update Your Alumni Information


Description: This is a database Update form. Click on the image to report updated contact information. Use this form to Update the data we already have in our database and avoid adding a duplicate contact record into our Alumni database. The updated data supplied with be used to correct the existing database record.  IF you've ADDED a second record into our database, both records will show up in an Alumni Search unless a Class Administrator or the Webmaster combines the information.  If you have any questions, use our Feedback Form to get answers or Post a Forum Question.

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